Hainsworth – Quality in Textiles Since 1783

Hainsworth is a specialist textile company that has been an unrivalled market leader for over 225 years, offering a wide range of quality textiles and technical expertise.

Our Apparel Fabrics range includes ceremonial and parade wear cloth, operatic, theatrical, film and re-enactment fabrics along with market-leading blazer fabric and academic scarf cloth.

Our Technical and Industrial specialist textiles, designed and manufactured by Hainsworth are dyed, heat-set, raised, chemically treated, coated or converted for a range of uses in printing, cleaning, laundry, polishing, food production and other technical, industrial and manufacturing processes. The protective quality of our technical fabrics safeguards emergency services across the world and ensure critical protection where it’s needed most – on the front line.

Our Interior Fabrics range offers a wealth of fabrics from the finest upholstery, to the most elegant wall and table coverings, from luxurious cabinet linings to divine bed covers and from hand-finished blankets and throws to the fastest snooker and pool cloth in the world.

With a fully integrated, vertical textile mill, Hainsworth carries out every process from the selection of raw wool to finished cloth in-house. Our expertise is in selecting the appropriate ingredients to use in our fully equipped mill, which includes our own spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing and fabric conversion machinery. This, combined with our UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 4112, gives Hainsworth its unique competitive edge.
From the time Abimelech William Hainsworth started manufacturing woollen cloth in Yorkshire in 1783, investing in our people and maintaining strong partnerships with customers and suppliers have been the cornerstones of our success. Hainsworth fabric has clothed royalty and the military for full-dress ceremonial occasions and has embellished and enriched the furnishings of palaces across the world.

Hainsworth also delivered the first inherently heat and flame-retardant fabrics in the UK and now protect emergency services and military personnel around the world from the damaging effects of fire. Hainsworth enables musicians, designers, tailors and world championship snooker players to reach the pinnacle of their professions.

Today, our challenge is to integrate the traditional qualities of craftsmanship with cutting edge innovation and product development to meet the needs of a growing and diverse global customer base. Our product patents, The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation and the granting of our Royal Warrant, to supply HM The Queen, demonstrate our ability to deliver fabric to the highest possible standard. The ever changing needs of our apparel, technical and industrial, and interior fabric customers drive our commitment to maintaining the Hainsworth name as the benchmark in all textile manufacture.  For more information on Hainsworth please visit our main website.