Heroic Firefighters Battle Blazes in Canada

Events in the Canadian province of Alberta in recent days have reminded us of the incredible demands placed on firefighters around the world.

The stories of heroism emerging from the oil city of Fort McMurray, where firefighters have been tackling ferocious wildfires, are truly remarkable. In some instances, firefighters have been battling devastating fires for in excess of 24 hours without a break.

In at least one instance, a firefighter arrived at his own home to discover it had been burnt to the ground, only to carry on helping to save other homes in the city.

The high winds combined with warm and dry conditions helped to foster “explosive conditions” which allowed the fires to grow and made them hard for fire crews to contain.

Through our partnerships with garment makers and distributors, Hainsworth Technology is active in both the United States and Canada just as we are in Australia, another part of the world that is used to combating some of the world’s most deadly wildfires.

We regularly meet with wildland firefighters, understanding the demands they face and the expectations they place on the kit they wear.

ECO-DRY Shield, a Hainsworth technology, fabric has been developed over a number of years to specifically meet the requirements of wildland firefighters in the most challenging circumstances.

As we have seen during the Fort McMurray incident, firefighters can expect to be in their kit for long periods of time.

Firefighters have a right to expect that their garments will provide them with the highest possible levels of flame and heat protection. But they are rightly looking for more than this. They also want their kit to be comfortable, breathable and flexible.

Our ECO-DRY Shield product has been specifically engineered to combine the unique properties of wool, Dupont Nomex® and Lenzing® FR to offer the best solution for wildland firefighters.

The single layer construction incorporates the unique comfort of Australian wool with the thermal performance of Nomex® to allow the flexibility and mobility required by fire crews. Wool is able to hold over 30% of its weight in water without feeling wet.

Along with our partners, we are continually investing in innovation and product development with the end goal being to ensure that firefighters, often in different parts of the world and facing different challenges, have the knowledge that the kit they are wearing is the very best available to carry out their duties and return home safely to their families at the end of their shift.