International Fire & RescueTraining

Külsheim / Würzburg, Germany

15 Trainers – All wearing TITAN Technology in Navy Blue

Founded in 2007, I.F.R.T. focuses on educating firefighters, professional and volunteer in live fire training, tactics, PPV and Thermal Imager Camera.

Training at IFRT offers realistic environment where the fire fighters prepare themselves for live fire situations and deepen their already learned skills.

IFRT has skilled trainers and operates workshops for both German speaking and international fire fighting professionals.

As the trainers were expected to be working with live fire extensively during the workshops, IFRT chose garments from Viking with ITAN Technology outershell. After more than seven (7) years of extensive use the TITAN continues to show no wear or tear on any of the jackets and trousers used by the IFRT trainers.

Here a statement from CEO Stefan Feucht: “I am super-dooper happy with Viking garments made of Hainsworth Titan, gives absolutely best protection”


• IFRT is very pleased with their choice of garment provider and outershell material – TITAN Technology

• Even after more than seven (7) years of heavy continuous use there is no wear or tear damages on the TITAN Technology outershell

• TITAN Technology is highly breathable fabric and gets and remains dry easily, proving optimum wear comfort

• IFRT is offering training and workshops and at times caters for a very colourful clientele, some coming from as far as USA and Americas