Volkswagen Factory Fire Brigade

45 fire fighters Kassel, Germany


Volkswagen AG is the biggest car manufacturer in Europe and one of the leading manufacturers in the world. Volkswagen group of companies has several production facilities producing twelve different brands, such as Audi of course but also SEAT, Škoda, Bugatti, Porsche, Bentley, Ducati and Lambourghini.

The well-known focus on quality and efficiency by Volkswagen is also seen in their factory fire brigades. Already in 2008 VW chose to equip their fire brigades in the factories of Kassel and Wolfsburg in central Germany with protective clothing made with TITAN Technology.

The factory fire brigades had been wearing long jackets made of Nomex. After some trials and discussions with Hainsworth and our partners Viking and their local representative Murer, VW decided to change to lighter, shorter jackets with Titan Technology outer fabric.

During a visit in August 2012, we compared garments delivered in 2008 which had been washed several times and been used in everyday activities. Can you sport the difference?

• VW is very pleased with their choice of garment provider and material – Hainsworth®Titan

• Even after four years of heavy continuous use there is no visible or physical wear on the Hainsworth®Titan outer fabric

• Hainsworth®Titan is highly breathable fabric and gets and remains dry easily, proving optimum wear comfort

• VW uses special materials and has effectively controlled experienced difficult fires with e.g. Magnesium. VW is confident that they have made.