ECO-DRY Overview

ECO-DRY Overview

The ECO-DRY Technology presents a range of solutions, both outer shell and linings, incorporating the benefits of wool – nature’s performance fibre, to offer you optimum protection and the best levels of comfort when wearing your PPE.

In ECO-DRY you have;

• Maximum Flexibility with lightweight constructions that allow easy to wear, bulk free garments with no loss of thermal protection.
• A garment that keeps you feeling dryer due to the hygroscopic nature of wool.
• Protection against Heat Stress
• Reduced symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke
• Increased ability to stay cool, clear headed and safe

Wool is a highly complex fibre that offers a myriad of benefits, all from a readily renewable and sustainable source. It is naturally hygroscopic, meaning it can hold 33% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp and naturally regulates the absorption/ desorption of this moisture to keep a steady micro-climate next to the skin, helping you to feel cool, dry and comfortable.

This combined with its natural antistatic, anti-microbial and odour control properties helps keep you feeling fresh and fit, day in, day out.

By combining the above with the excellent wicking capability of Lenzing FR or the thermal protective performance of Aramid fibres ECO-DRY products offer next to the skin base layer comfort through to frontline protection specific to your requirements and an outer shell solution that allows comfort and performance in drawn out wildfire situations.

Design that Saves

The ECO-DRY Technology is specifically designed to minimise the effects of heat stress, keeping you cool, comfortable and able to perform at your best, whatever the situation.

Protection that shows

The ECO-DRY outer shell carbonates when exposed to extreme heat and flame, this combined with the “Active Air Entrapment” rippling is your visual reassurance that your PPE is working as it should to give you extra protection as and when you need it.

Quality that lasts

ECO-DRY is a durable product that provides;

Maximum comfort – The hygroscopic nature of wool absorbs moisture and keeps you dry without feeling cold or wet. The unique structure of wool offers distinct properties not mimicked by any other natural or manmade fibres. These properties offer many benefits to the wearer, which will not wash out or fade over time.

Micro-Climate control – Wool regulates the absorption/desorption of moisture vapour, helping the wearer feel warm in winter and cool in summer.

Naturally Hygroscopic – Wool readily absorbs up to 33% of its own weight in moisture vapour before feeling damp

Sustainable, Biodegradable & Environmentally Friendly – Wool is a natural and fully sustainable fibre from a renewable source, that produces no harmful or hazardous byproducts in processing and will biodegrade at the end of its life cycle.

ECO-DRY Technology offers maximum wear ability with lightweight, flexible and durable garments, incorporating inherent anti-microbial, anti odour and antistatic properties to make your garment easy to wear, all day long.


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