TITAN Overview

TITAN Overview


An Intelligent flame retardant outer shell system, TITAN Technology products increase your thermal protection exactly when you need it, giving you valuable time to react to your environment and to return safely from the task

In TITAN you have;

• Protection against Heat Stress
• Reduced symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke
• The support to remain alert for longer allowing good decision making for you and your team
• Increased thermal protection when you need it most
• Protection that shows with a visual change to the fabric reassuring you are protected

Design that saves

Heat stress is the biggest global threat to your health and safety as a fire fighter.

Symptoms include:

• Poor hand/eye coordination
• Reduced awareness of surroundings
• An inability to react effectively to emerging situations

Our mission is to keep you safe, all TITAN products have been developed with you in mind, inimising these symptoms of heat stress so that you always perform at your best, whatever the situation.

Protection that shows

During exposure to intense heat and flame, our unique and innovative design in TITAN 1220 and TITAN 1250 moves and ripples, trapping insulating air within your garment – a process known as ‘Active Air Entrapment’.

This intelligent visual reaction is your reassurance that TITAN is working to keep you safe giving you protection when you need it most, and working harder to keep you safer for longer.

Quality that lasts

Developed to withstand the rigours of modern day fire fighting and tested within our own onsite UKAS accredited laboratory, TITAN Technology products are designed to keep you looking smarter for longer with good colour fastness to light and washing, good abrasion resistance and retention of strength even after exposure to UV light and low repair and replacement rate.

In the same way we pride ourselves on the quality of our fabric, we understand the pride that comes with wearing your PPE; which is why our range of TITAN products are inherently flame retardant fabric solutions that ensure your turnout gear looks smarter for longer.

• Working harder to keep you safer for longer
• Good colour fastness to light and washing
• Good abrasion resistance and retention of strength even after exposure to UV light
• Low repair and replacement rate compared against other weave and fibre combinations
• Breathable for longer due to the unique patented construction

The knowledge of Hainsworth has balanced the characteristics of all the performance fibres and yarns into a patented fabric family that answers the main concerns of fire-fighters and management alike.

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